Day’s Verse:
…Love mixed with faith be yours from God the Father and from the Master, Jesus Christ. Pure grace and nothing but grace be with all who love our Master, Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 6:23-24

“I’ve only been doing this since April, but Metro trains us very thoroughly.”

During my 30-minute ride, he:

  • Stopped to pick me up not at a designated stop. He just pulled the bus over to the curb when he saw my despairing “I see you driving away, alas!” Incidentally, he blocked not only traffic on the road, but he blocked in a car that was stopped in a driveway.
  • Drove through a red light. Now, I’ve seen Metro drivers regularly drive through the red light where the 2nd Ave Extension crosses S. Jackson St., and I think there must be some kind of accommodation there. But this morning, we were in the going-straight lane when a left-turn-arrow turned green. The driver saw the green and rolled right through the intersection, then seemed confused when another motorist honked.
  • Charged a passenger for 2 zones in a 1-zone area. He forgot to switch the Orca card reader when we crossed Lake Washington, and then oddly enough a passenger got on at the Freeway Station, where nobody ever gets on. She inadvertently paid extra for that privilege, and I don’t think she even realized it.

Really confidence-inspiring, huh?

The driver was, however, very friendly and personally welcomed ever rider onto his bus. He clearly wanted to make this the best part of his riders’ day.

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