Day’s Verse:
Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
James 3:13

Here are the pictures, in chronological order. Make up a story to go with them!

Picture 1:
Cannon Beach-Seaside Walk: Beginning

Picture 2:
A Seal!

Picture 3:
Looking back towards Cannon Beach

Picture 4:
Ian and the big root ball

Picture 5 and Picture 6 (simultaneous):
Cannon Beach-Seaside Walk: End (Ian)

Cannon Beach-Seaside Walk: End (Katie)

For those who just want the answer, here it is.

Picture 1:
Ian and Katie pay $0.75 each to take a bus (who knew there were buses around here?) from Seaside to Cannon Beach. They are going to hike from Cannon Beach back to their house in Seaside. They have food, water, lots of warm clothes, and a vague plan to hike over or around a headland from Cannon Beach to Ecola Point, and thence over Tillamook Head.

Picture 2:
After climbing a rock face, Katie and Ian look down a sheer drop and find out they won’t be going over the little headland that way, but they’re rewarded by seeing wildlife in the wild! The tide still makes going around unfeasible. They climb back down, walk back towards the dunes, and notice another trail. This trail leads them up the same headland but further inland; unfortunately, it peters out among some prickly bushes, but not before Katie and Ian climb all the way up the steep side of the headland again.

Picture 3:
After scrambling back down the headland for the second time, Katie and Ian follow footprints int he dune back to some houses on the cliff. They then follow tsunami evacuation signs, which handily mark a public right-of-way up the hillside, to the Ecola Park road. Following the road eventually leads them to a trail to the Ecola Point trailhead, where they refill their water bottles. Another trail from Ecola Point takes them to the Indian Beach trailhead. They pause to take a picture of Cannon Beach on the way. From the Indian Beach trailhead, they finally connect to the Tillamook Head trail.

Picture 4:
Four words to describe Tillamook Head trail: Mud and downed trees. The first part of the trail was actually a graveled road that ends at Ian and Katie’s lunch spot: the Hikers Camp, under a covered picnic bench, since the sky had started dripping again. Lots of slipping and sliding ensue, punctuated by scrambling and plodding. Lots of wind and light drizzle. Everything is green and mossy, with trees ranging from fairly large to astoundingly big around. Katie and Ian have to scramble somehow over a tree that has fallen across the path, and its root ball is twice as tall as Ian.

Pictures 5 and 6:
At 3:30, after five and half hours of hiking, Ian and Katie emerge from the forest. They saw a grand total of 5 other hikers all day. They are very tired; Ian is wet, because his “waterproof” jacket is about as waterproof as a sponge. Katie is tired of carrying the backpack. They tromp on for another 30 or 40 minutes on roads and eventually make it back to their house, wet, muddy, tired, and triumphant. The bathtub beckons.

The end.

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