Day’s Verse:
Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.
2 Peter 1:2

ARRRRGGGHHH!! I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a start, realizing that the delicious clam chowder we made last night — with enough leftovers to feed us for days — was still sitting out on the counter. Ten hours later. We forgot it after finishing The Rocketeer. It had such excellent flavor, and I spent about three hours making it (although the last few hours were just simmering with the occasional stirring). And now I have to throw it away. I feel queasy at the thought of the waste of the food and money, the hours of cooking it, and most of all how much I looked forward to having it as leftovers, since soups are always better on the second day. I guess I’d probably feel queasier if I ate the soup, but it’s sure hard to convince myself of that right now. DARN IT. I should’ve just put it into the fridge while it was warm, rather than letting it cool on the counter.

Aside from cooking potentially food poisoned soup, I spent a good portion of yesterday on Bicycle Alliance work. I’m drafting the first of 6 short reports on my observations of bikeability around schools in the city of Bonney Lake. The rest of the daylight hours, of which there were few, I spent on a 30-mile ride around the Eastside. The sun came out and it was a glorious brisk day for a ride. Once home, I made the ill-fated clam chowder, which Mom and Dad came over and enjoyed. The sunny-but-cool temperatures made it an excellent evening for warm soup. After Mom and Dad left, we watched The Rocketeer, which is always a fun movie.

In my down time, I’ve been reading both the book about fantasy and real life and a book called Boundaries, by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. I can’t speak to it much, as I’ve only read a few chapters, but I will say this: They’re no C.S. Lewis. Oh, for some well-written Christian literature. Seems every book I’ve been subjected to for church has ranged from tolerable at best (Boundaries falls into that category) to horrific at worst. Why is it so difficult to find high-quality, well-written Christian writing?

Anyway, today is going to be full of Fergusons. Ian and I are spending the day at the Pike Place Market with his parents, followed by dinner with them and then our annual Taproot Christmas play. I do enjoy having the luxury of spending time with our families whenever we want. …or whenever they’re in the country.

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