Day’s Verse:
Look, there on the mountains,
the feet of one who brings good news,
who proclaims peace!

Nahum 1:15

I’m learning something about myself: I don’t think I’d ever be happy in a life where I spend most of my time at home, mostly alone. I’ve spent the last week thus, and I understand now why stay at home moms keep so busy. If you don’t, you’d go nuts. Or at least, if I don’t, I’d go nuts. However, the evening made up for the morning, as Ryan and Ben and Lisa came over for dinner and then hung out for a while afterward. I’d made stuffed chicken breasts, no-knead bread, Caesar salad (bo-ring, I know, but we had to eat that romaine!), and two types of cookies (molasses, which I overcooked, and chocolate chip, which turned out practically perfect). In all I think dinner went pretty well, even if I felt it was kind of nothing special food-wise, because people-wise it was exceptional.

Today — Tuesday — was much more to my liking in general: Up and out by 6:40 (yes, that’s am) and on the go until 5:00 pm. Started with PT, spent the middle part riding a bike (and driving, alas) around Bonney Lake again with Sander, and plan on relaxing the rest of the night. In short, I like having a job-like schedule that gets me out and interacting with other people. Based on what I saw today, I have to do some major revisions to my Bonney Lake audit reports, but that’s good; it means I caught stuff on this visit that I missed the first time. Catching those faux pas keeps me from looking stupid to the City of Bonney Lake when I give them my report, a la

Colonel Mustard: “Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?”
Wadsworth: “You don’t need any help from me!”
Colonel Mustard: “That’s right!”

And, last but not least in this stream-of-consciousness blog post, the forecast kept predicting lots of snow. So I put studded tires on Charlotte. Now the snow predictions are switching to rain, and I’m going to be very disappointed if I don’t get to ride Charlotte in the snow.

Sunset Jan 2011

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  1. Yes! Loved seeing you too, Katie. I was hoping to chat more with you before leaving, but time got away from us. And if it makes you feel more interesting, it’s been ages since I’ve had stuffed chicken breasts.

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