Day’s Verse:
“Salvation belongs to our God,
who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb.”

Revelation 7:10

Riding very, very slowly up Brickyard Road on studded-tire Charlotte with a couple of full panniers, I noticed this item in the bike lane:

Found In the Bike Lane

Seriously, a knife blade? Where’s the rest of the knife? Why was it in the road? I decided to do my future self — and other bicyclists who ride up Brickyard Road, of which there are many — a favor and pick this sharp, sure-to-cause-a-flat-tire weapon up and dispose of it safely. “Slamming on the brakes” technically describes my stop, but at that speed, it was more like I just stopped pedaling and all forward motion ceased pretty much immediately. I snagged it and tossed it into my capacious panniers. Now I have to figure out: Can I recycle a rusty knife blade?

PS – I forgot to mention: I got to ride in the slush today, which was fun. I made sure to ride through lots of it on the way over to the Fergusons’, to give my studded tires a run for their money. I really wish I’d gotten to ride the Xtracycle in snow more often: It’s so solid and stable, especially with studded tires, that I can’t imagine worrying about slipping. It’s like worrying about slipping in a Herkimer Battle Jitney. Plus the extended frame flares out a bit at the hips and makes a crash on the Xtracycle less alarming than one on a regular bike. Anyway, I was giggling with glee as I splashed through the 3″ of slush on my way over to the Fergusons’. Good times. I’d just like a little light, powdery snow to play in now, if I could…

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