Day’s Verse:
The more talk, the less truth; the wise measure their words.
Proverbs 10:19

After all the preparation and buildup, the class I was supposed to teach — officially called the Train the Trainer for the Safe Routes to School Bicycle & Pedestrian Skills Education program — got called off due to inclement weather. It was a double-whammy: Lots of snow falling and expected to fall in Snoqualmie Pass, and snow/rain, near-freezing temperatures, and high winds expected in Mattawa for the foreseeable future. (Which isn’t very far, when it comes to weather.)

I feel conflicted about this: On the one hand, it’s a reprieve, and it didn’t force me to try to tackle the extremely uncomfortable (to me) prospect of go over the pass while it’s snowing. For all we lived in Massachusetts for 7 years, I never drove in the snow and I’m as bad a snow driver as the next Washingtonian. The shape of my week has dramatically changed, since I’d written off Sunday through Tuesday for the training, and planned to spend Wednesday in Seattle at meetings. Now I have “free” time for those days, although I have other BAW contract work I have to deal with, so it’s not really free. I did get to go to church today, a nice surprise.

On the other hand, I wanted to get the first training out of the way, since I know that once I’ve done a few, I’ll feel much more confident conducting the trainings in the future. I had the car packed and my materials ready to go; the coordinator had hotel rooms reserved, the teachers had subs lined up, the district had a room and all the materials other we needed. We had a meeting scheduled on Wednesday with WSDOT and OSPI to debrief how the training went. All that is out the window now. I’d really like to fast-forward to, oh, mid-April. By then I’ll have taught enough of these to have it be routine (I say with great confidence now).

In any case, I spent today going to church, then going for a rainy hike around St. Edwards with Dad, then taking a hot soaky bath to defrost. Now I think it’s time to make some macaroni and cheese for dinner. Tonight is “eat food your spouse doesn’t like night” at our house. Ian bought flank steak for his dinner, planning on my being in Ellensburg tonight, and even if he had enough to share, I admit the prospect of bloody meat still turns my stomach. Ian, on the other hand, feels ambivalent about macaroni and cheese. This is our perfect opportunity! He’ll eat bloody meat and I’ll eat cheesy carbs and we’ll both be happy.

I hope tomorrow is a nice day. I’m ready for a nice long bike ride.

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