Day’s Verse:
Don’t brashly announce what you’re going to do tomorrow; you don’t know the first thing about tomorrow.
Proverbs 27:1

Remember The Other Katie? I’ve mentioned The Other Katie phenomena before on my blog (here, here, here, and here, to be exact).

I continue to periodically receive Other Katie emails, but earlier this week I had a particularly egregious example I just had to mention: I received a flight itinerary from Houston to Lubbock, TX. On Friday, April 29, I could conceivably fly to Lubbock on Southwest Airlines for free. I actually recognized the name of the people who made the reservation; we’ve had previous Other Katie interactions, and I hoped they’d gotten their email address confusion straightened out when I stopped getting emails from them. Alas, no.

Actually, I have to wonder about this. What would happen if I showed up with the itinerary and my legitimate Katie Ferguson IDs? Could I actually fly using The Other Katie’s reservations? Would it be legal, or would I be impersonating somebody else and therefore stealing? I mean, morally, it seems clear I’d be stealing The Other Katie’s seat, but legally…? After all, I am Katie Ferguson.

I’ve had another set of egregious Other Katie emails recently, in which a person sent me the following email:

Per our phone conversation, will you please check with Dr. Baker to find out the starting and ending dates for the pre-sale of Summer Express? Shall I assume you all want to sell the workbooks at the full retail price so that you will make a profit for the school? How about selling the workbooks for $15.00 since they retail for $14.99? Do you have any particular project that you know the profit will go toward?

OK, not super exciting. I replied with my standard “Sorry, wrong Katie / Sincerely, Katie Ferguson / Seattle, WA” email. Shortly after, I received the exact same email from the same person again. I replied again. And then I received the same email a third time, with a comment from the sender about trying to get the email address right. For Pete’s sake, how hard can this be? Can the director of public relations at a company really fail three times to get a customer’s email address right?!

Then there’s the emails from people who are Katie Ferguson’s friends, rather than business contacts. Sometimes those emails are sobering, like the one from an Other Katie’s aunt and uncle hoping that Chris is doing better. I hope so, too. But generally those emails tend to be pretty funny. For example:

Subject: ROP
1. Go to the last place where you saw po.
2. Go to the place where you buried po.
3. Crusty knows where po is hiding.
4. Go to your instrument that hurts po’s ears.
5. The next clue is on the skeleton cheese head’s femur
6. Go into the classroom where you have been stressing over a vocab test: it is under your seat.
7. look behind where all the power points take place.

Or the one with the subject “Here you go biotch,” which just had a bad cell phone picture of a blonde girl (presumably Danalyn Prokopowicz, the sender of the email) attached.

I’ve also received invitations to several more events, including the Carlyle Woods Love Thy Neighbor party (some Other Katie must live at the Carlyle Woods condominiums) and a Dave Matthews Band concert. Too bad I couldn’t go!

Most puzzling of all, though, was this email, which I received a while ago:

Hallo Katherine,

danke für die Zusendung Deiner Anmeldung.
Die Mitgliedschaft gilt immer für ein Kalenderjahr.
Für 2010 können wir leider keine weiteren Mitglieder aufnehmen, da wir schon mit dem Dachverband in München abgerechnet haben.
Wir nehmen Dich somit ab dem 01.01.2011 als Mitglied auf. Ab hier läuft auch erst der Versicherungsschutz.
Solltest Du noch Fragen haben, kannst Du Dich gerne an uns wenden.

Schöne Grüße
[Name omitted]

I’d rate that most puzzling because I don’t speak a lick of German, so I have no idea what that email was about. Hope it wasn’t important.

Today, however, I was recognized as me accurately, but by people I didn’t recognize. I was riding home after cutting the first RAMROD Training Series (RTS) ride short*, and some bicyclists going the other way down 132nd Ave NE shouted “Hi Katie!” as I went north. I waved, a purely Pavlovian response at hearing my name. At first I thought they were part of the RTS group, but I checked the route and it never went up 132nd. I guess I was pretty recognizable, with my helmet streamers and riding Artemis. I spent some time puzzled. Who do I know who rides around the area? Later I learned that it was a couple from our church who are training for an Ironman. In any case, it’s nice to see friendly faces out and about, even if I don’t know them at at first.

* I changed my mind about a dozen times about whether to ride today or not. It was cold. I have a cold. My left calf still hurts from last weekend’s ride. My legs have no energy and have felt ever so slightly sore all week, whether a result of my cold, or overtraining, or something else, I don’t know. I ended up going down to the RTS ride with Dad, bringing Artemis because I thought it would rain and I didn’t want to clean Lucy. I kept up with the “rabbits” for around 25 miles, by which time I could tell it was time to go home and take a hot bath. The nice thing was that since I didn’t drive down, I didn’t have a car to bring home again. At the northernmost point of the route, I just kept going north another few miles and finished with 34 miles, around 2,000 feet of climbing, a 16.4 mph average pace, and 149 average heart rate. Then I took my hot bath and followed it with a nap and feel infinitely better. Tomorrow is a rest day, though. I don’t want to hurt myself.

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