Day’s Verse:
But regarding anything beyond this, dear friend, go easy. There’s no end to the publishing of books, and constant study wears you out so you’re no good for anything else.
Ecclesiastes 12:12

…for 60-mile bike rides in the middle of the week. Among other things. Today’s 60-mile ride was courtesy of Heather, a gal I met through the Earthdreams rides I’ve been doing. I rode down to the meeting point at Marymoor, where Heather’s friend friend Joel (who talked a lot about being out of shape but still kept our pace over 20 mph whenever he was pulling) joined us. We did a loop around Lake Sammamish at speeds normally only attained by Concorde jets, and my ride buddies dropped me only once on East Lake Sammamish, so I consider that I acquitted myself well. Looking at the data, it looks like we averaged almost exactly 20 mph around the lake.

Partway through, Joel got a flat tire, repaired it, and rode the remainder of the ride on a low tire. We stopped at the cars to let Joel put air in his tires (and, frankly, I was grateful for every stop I could get) and after filling the tire, it immediately went flat again. Joel took that as a sign and decided to go home and “mow the lawn.” Uh-huh. Heather and I did another loop, out north around the rural part of Redmond and Woodinville, handily landing not far from my house so I could peel off and get home by 3:00.

Here’s the thing about that route (map here). The first 10 miles, I rode alone on the trail and averaged about 18 mph. From mile 10 to mile 35, Heather, Joel and I rode around Lake Sammamish and averaged about 20 mph. From mile 35 to mile 60, Heather and I rode the northern loop, and averaged about 18 mph. The elevation profile looks like this.
You may notice a funny thing about this elevation profile: It’s almost flat until the last 20 miles, at which point it starts climbing steadily. I didn’t know that, but my legs certainly felt it. The last 20 miles was one nonstop pain fest for my legs, but Heather kindly slowed down for me and I hung on and even managed to creep up Brickyard Road to my house, albeit extremely slowly. My legs are very, very tired now.

When I got home, my mother in law was already here, eagerly weeding. She’d made a huge dent in the overgrown plot by our back porch, and the rest of the afternoon I spent eating and weeding. Ian made dinner (bless his heart) and after that I rode my bike to a get-together of women in our church. And that’s the day! Much more relaxing than if I’d spent it driving to Goldendale, scouting the town, painting dots, and eating and sleeping alone.

Oh, yes, did I mention Goldendale was “indefinitely postponed” because of the Buy American Steel issue? Sad face, because now all I have left is Pomeroy and the rest of my spring is completely devoid of paid work.

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