Day’s Verse:
God, brilliant Lord,
your name echoes around the world.

Psalm 8:9

In addition to a job (thank you to those people who’ve sent me job suggestions, by the way — keep it up!), I need something else: A new rear fender bracket. Partway through escorting Mom on her commute this morning, my rear fender started rattling something terrible. A quick evaluation revealed the problem:

Broken Fender Bracket
That little plastic bit is supposed to be whole, by the way. It’s not dangerous, but boy the fender sure does make racket when I hit bumps now. Anybody have an extra fender bracket thingy hanging around that you’d like to donate to my commuting bike?

Also on the commute this morning — which, by the way, was exactly what I’d order if I could custom-request weather — at the intersection of 100th and 132nd, we had to stop at the stop light. Right before the intersection, I saw something big and shiny on the ground and swerved to avoid it. When I looked down, I saw it was a HAND SAW! It looked like this but significantly more battered:

I slammed on my brakes, picked up the saw, and tossed it onto the sidewalk, but not before Mom and I both got a laugh out of it. I thought it was bad when I found the knife on the ground —
Found In the Bike Lane
— but a two-foot-long cross-cut hand saw beats that hands-down. I hope the drivers behind me appreciated that, too, because I think even cars’ tires would be at risk from something that large and pointy.

Oh, and I have an appointment next week to chop off a good portion of my hair. I welcome Hair style suggestions.

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