Day’s Verse:
I hate all this silly religion,
but you, God, I trust.

Psalm 31:6-ish

It’s sure exciting to get surprise packages. And when the package is clearly a bike, well…! From what I could see through the handle holes, it looks like a nice white comfort bike with pretty fenders.
Wrong Address :(
Unfortunately, the excitement is going to our neighbors at 12214. Despite the extremely clear numbering on the front of our house that reads 12211, FedEx cleverly left our neighbor’s new bike on our porch. Once I had contained my disappointment, I went over to there. Nobody home. So I schlepped the box across the street, after confirming that it really was their address. You’re welcome, FedEx driver. Next time if the bike fits, I’m keeping it.

In other news, we’ve finished off the leeks, carrots, and spinach. The wheatgrass is slowly dying, and when it’s truly dead I’ll toss it in the yard waste bin. The wheat berries (?) and some of the potatoes are sitting there. I have to figure out what to do with the beets for tonight.

And in biking news, I did a 102-mile ride on Saturday. It was by far the nicest day we’ve had since last September, with temperatures into the mid-70s, sun, and a nice breeze. I got to ride part of the ride with some people I really like, and it was glorious. The views of Mt. Rainier from Enumclaw were spectacular. In our group, we pushed some but not super hard, and the last 20 miles we went easy. I let other people pull the whole time, which made it a very doable ride for me. We averaged 17.6 mph and climbed about 7400 feet. My rear tire exploded — I mean literally — at the top of Tiger Mountain; the tube had been pinched when the previous owner installed it. I’m very grateful the explosion didn’t happen on the descent, when I would’ve been going fast enough to lose control. As it was, I was going about 10 mph and was able to stop safely. Three guys, including Dad, stopped and changed the flat for me. So nice of them.

Still haven’t really been trying to find a job. As the summer gets nicer, I’m really enjoying reading books, doing low-level house maintenance, and going for sunny day bike rides. I feel like I should feel bad about taking it easy for the last month and a half — and not having any gainful employment opportunities on the horizon — but I really don’t.

5 thoughts on “FedEx Address Reading Fail

  1. Maybe the Fed-Ex guy knows you’re the bike person on the street and figured it must be for you. 🙂

  2. Ian – I thought about it, but it seemed nicer to just deliver the box myself, since it was just across the street.

    Chris – We’ll have to try the recipe. I have *lots* of wheat berries, so we have plenty of opportunity for trial and error.

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