Day’s Verse:
It’s better to have a partner than go it alone.
Share the work, share the wealth.
And if one falls down, the other helps,
But if there’s no one to help, tough!

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

In Massachusetts, Ian and I made a goal of riding all of the paved bike paths. This was an achievable goal because Massachusetts has a finite number of paved multi-use trails (as they’re more accurately called). Last year, we were talking about how much fun that was — how it got us out to different parts of the state, built our relationship, and got us exercise all in one — and we ambitiously agreed to attempt the same feat in Washington.

Let me repeat that: Ian and I have officially decided to try to ride on all the paved multi-use paths in Washington State. Fortunately, we didn’t set a time limit on this project, because odds are it will take the rest of our natural lives. Not only does Washington currently have a zillion miles of paved trails, but they’re constantly adding more miles, so even if we “finish” a trail, in another year it’ll have another couple miles that we didn’t ride. On top of that, I don’t know of any statewide map of all trails, so even finding all of them will be really challenging. So while “ambitious” may be one word for our goal, “insane” might fit the bill equally well.

That said, today we embarked on our first ride in our Fergusons Ride Washington Trails (FRWT) series. We started manageable, with a nice flat ride to Marymoor Park and back.

My goal is to continue to update this map (or another one, if this one won’t let me edit this map with other routes elsewhere) with the other trails we’ve ridden as we complete them to document our overall progress. Hopefully by the end, we’ll have a map of all the trails in Washington marked.

Here’s what my view looked like on our ride today. It was a lovely day, lots of people on the trail, and I let Ian have the unenviable job of calling “on your left” as we passed many of them.
Ian Biking 1

Even so, here’s Ian having fun.
Ian Biking 2

And here’s a badly-framed picture of me having fun. It’s badly framed because I kind of just pointed the camera in my general direction and hoped for the best.
Katie Biking

3 thoughts on ““Ambitious” Is One Word For It

  1. Sounds like there’s a book in that project somewhere! And back when I was training for my marathon(walk), I was on that trail a LOT. Fun to see it in your photos. 🙂

  2. As long as you are going to do all that ambitious biking you should have Ian work out a kind of “street view” for the bike trails. Have something that takes pictures along the path and then records where the pictures were taken. That would be pretty cool. Folks could use it like they use Google streetview. Slap some ads on there and BOOM, you have yourself a nice shiny new bike. (in 10 to 20 years)


  3. Deborah, hmm, now there’s an idea. Biking I can do; writing I can do; now, how to combine ’em? Of course, this would take like decades.

    Ben, that would be neat but maybe not super feasible. I could, however, tag the location of pictures I take along the way, to have some kind of geographic record.

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