Day’s Verse:
I have God’s more-than-enough,
More joy in one ordinary day
Than they get in all their shopping sprees.

Psalm 4:6-7

Here we are in lovely Seaside, Oregon, compliments of Ian’s parents. We arrived yesterday evening, and after unpacking the car naturally went straight to the beach, where we reveled in the atypical sunniness (clouds have since moved in, but should clear by the afternoon). Expect more pictures than words for vacation-related blog posts.

Ian and Tillamook Head
Ian’s first step onto the beach for this vacation, with Tillamook Head in the background.

What Vacation Should Be
This is what vacation should be.

Ian into the sunset
Ian immediately wanted to go touch the water. Handily enough, he had worn his waterproof hiking boots and stomped fearlessly right into the waves.

Check out my flickr photo set for more pictures. I’m posting more pictures on flickr than I’ll be putting up here, so it’s worth checking out each day we’re on vacation.

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