Day’s Verse:
By the seventh day God had finished his work.
On the seventh day he rested from all his work.

Genesis 2:2-ish

Tomorrow is High Pass Challenge, the last major ride I’m doing this year (next weekend I’m doing Cycle the Wave, but that’s going to be a for-fun ride). Wish me luck! I’m glad this my the final big ride. I’m ready to take a break from training and I want to just ride.

Oh, I’ll ride hard, don’t worry; but I don’t want to feel like I need to maintain a certain level of fitness, or get in specific training goals for a ride, or drag myself out of bed earlier on Saturdays than I do the rest of the week. I want to be able to go for a hike or a long walk and not worry that it’s impacting my cycling fitness. I want to get on my bike and not wonder “Do I have enough food and sports drink for this ride?” I want to have a weekend when I’m not gone for half a day or more on my bike.

I guess that my motivation is flagging, after five…six…months of deliberate training. How long can you sustain training that requires both mental and physical discipline of the highest order? I need a break. I don’t intend to give up the kind of cycling I’ve done this year; it’s been the most fun and fulfilling year I’ve had on a bike, bar none. In fact, I liked the fast, intense riding so much that I am considering joining a racing team, for a bit more structure and female camaraderie.

But for these next couple months, I plan on riding when it’s sunny and passing when it’s raining, spectating at local cyclocross races, and working for the Bike Alliance when they have trainings. No training goals, no anticipating a certain date. Just fun on two wheels.

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