Day’s Verse:
God spoke: “Light!”
And light appeared.
God saw that light was good
and separated light from dark.
God named the light Day,
he named the dark Night.

Genesis 1:3-4

I’ve decided to split my posts about our vacation to Maui up into to parts: Part 1 is everything non-biking; Part 2 will be all biking. Mostly I’m going to just put up pictures because lots of text narration is kind of boring.

We left Seattle at 5:00 pm on Friday. It was a gorgeous Seattle day, with Mt. Rainier very much in evidence.
Goodbye, Seattle

Night had fallen by the time we arrived on Maui (after a really awful plane flight; I managed not to toss any cookies, but it was a close thing). Ian’s parents met us at the airport and whisked us to their really nice timeshare at the Marriott Ocean Club. We fell into bed and slept gratefully (and badly – loudest mini-fridge ever, and bright LEDs; we dealt with both of these in short order). The first thing we saw the next morning:
Hello, Hawaii

That first day, we did what we did the rest of the time:
On the Beach

Omg we are in Hawaii!


Ian on the Beach

In the Waves
…Hung out on the beach. Ian, Deborah, and Gary went snorkeling (the fish picture is Ian’s); I read a book sitting in the shade (or sun, depending on how I felt) on a towel. It was a real hard life.

When that got boring, we switched to the pool.
We're Underwater!

Ah, Hawaii
Like I said, real hard life.

The first day or so it was really gorgeous — exactly the weather you imagine when you think of Hawaii. Monday through Wednesday, though, the weather deteriorated (relatively speaking, of course). The wind picked up, from directions natives said was unusual, and at speeds a Seattle native finds intimidating; clouds came in; temperatures dropped to the high 60s and low 70s; one afternoon it really poured rain, and it spitted intermittently.
Storm Coming

Cloudy Beach Walk

This didn’t stop us, of course, from doing all those things a person should do in Hawaii. For one thing, “bad” weather was quite relative. I mean, I’d have taken sunny and 80-degree days over what we got, for sure. But compared to 40° and raining, we had nothing to complain about. We wore shorts the whole time. So we went to Lahaina and saw stuff, including some classic-style beach cruiser bikes.
Lahaina Beach Cruisers 3

Lahaina Beach Cruisers 2

Lahaina Beach Cruisers 1

We also had some amazing shaved ice, walked underneath a very large banyan tree, and saw innumerable volumes of tourist kitsch.

Later in the week, we drove around West Maui and saw the Iao Valley Needle, which is apparently a very special historical spot (but not so historical they couldn’t put parking and paved paths there to attract tourists).


That afternoon we went over to Kahului, the main town, and sat on the beach for a while. It was extremely windy and actually kind of cool for wearing shorts, but the windsurfers seemed to be happy. We sat and just kind of chilled (har har) on the beach for a while, until we got hungry, when we went and found an interesting Vietnamese sandwich place that had AMAZING bread.
Windsurfing Beach

Fergies on Beach

Yep, Ian's Upside Down

Beach View

That pretty much was our vacation to Maui. We read books on the beach or in chairs on the hotel lawn, watched part of the Superbowl, everybody else snorkeled, we ate, we napped, we went for walks around Resortland (actually called Ka’anapali), we swam in the pool, we talked. It was a lovely low-key vacation. I like vacations that don’t have agendas or complicated schedules.

In the airport on the way out, having surrendered all our dangerous agricultural items, Ian and I were delighted at finding a little fenced-in grassy area.
Airport Animal "Relief Station"
Even service animals need a potty break occasionally, and the Kahului airport thoughtfully even provided a hydrant in the fenced area for that. The sign says “Service Animal Relief Station,” in case you thought it might be for something else.

The flight back was the pits. I feel bad throwing up on airplanes, because then the flight attendants have to deal with your little baggie of vomit, and it’s always really embarrassing. Fortunately that happened just the once, and after we got out of the Hawaiian islands vicinity, the rest of the flight became less turbulent and went tolerably well. Still, if we hadn’t had a free place to stay, I don’t think the week on Maui would have been worth 11.5 hours of sheer flying misery. That said, though, it was really a nice vacation and a welcome respite from the dreary, drizzly Seattle winter. A big Thank-You to Gary and Deborah for making it possible!

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