Day’s Verse:
Then Isaac said, “Come close, son, and kiss me.”
Genesis 27:26

Don’t worry, I’m not so much off the blogging bandwagon as figuring out my guidelines. Weekends don’t expect posts; I’m usually getting ready and going on my bike rides or to church, with minimal time for blogging. Today I had an appointment at 9:00 am and slept terribly the previous night, which threw off my aim to post by 9:00 am. Also, this week I have actual work, and I won’t be posting while I’m gone.

Speaking of work, quickly: This is my second-to-last train-the-teacher training for the Bicycle Alliance, and I’ll be gone Wednesday through Friday, although I won’t have to leave too early Wednesday morning. It’s in Langley, on Whidbey Island, a mere 30 miles from here — practically my own back yard. And I get to take a ferry, which adds some complication to the travel but is well worth it, because I love ferries. I haven’t done one of these since early December, so I have to remember what exactly I’m doing. Frankly, I’m a little bit sad the trainings are coming to an end. I’ve really enjoyed them. More on that in a few weeks, when I’ve finished my last one (Port Angeles).

Meanwhile, what’s been up? Not a lot. I’ve gotten in some good bike rides: 45 miles on Saturday, 70 miles on Sunday, but nothing super hard or intense. The weather mainly held so we didn’t even get rained on, although it was windy enough to make us work plenty hard. My teammates were all off racing or doing their own stuff — team training rides are over for the year — so I’m on my own from here on out.

Better than that, though, Ian and I went to a Jet City improv show on Saturday night where I got to meet a few of his fellow improv students. I always leave improv shows astounded at how quick-witted improv actors are. The whole point is that they can’t plan ahead, and the suggestions they get can be so bizarre — “Save the armadillos” for the benefit song they had to make up, for example, and yet everybody leaves humming their impromptu theme (“Hard on the outside, soft on the inside…”). Or “beans” for the game where everybody stood in a line and had to make up an “X walks into a bar…” joke (“A bean walks into a bar and the bartender says, ‘Sorry, we don’t serve food here.'” Later, from a different prompt, “A cobra walks into a bar and the bartender says, ‘We have a dress code, you’ll have to take that hood off.'” I’ve heard worse from people with more planning time). Or “turkey pot pie” for something Arnold Schwartzenegger kills somebody with, and then says a line about it: “Ha! I haff killed you viz a little tiny pie!”

I admire Ian for being brave enough to do something like improv. His classmates talked about how good he is at it, and I can believe it. Ian is really clever, and he’s always been good at un-self-consciously acting, even ridiculously, up on stage. Perhaps I shouldn’t bring this up, but these pictures do come to mind…
Ian as Wiggles McClown 1

Ian Soaked

Yep, Ian’s going to be a good dad, too. Anyway — I think I’d be way too uptight and worried what everybody’s thinking to do improv, and honestly I don’t think I’m quick-witted enough. I’m plenty smart for everyday consumption, but those in-the-moment retorts aren’t my forte. A la that scene in You’ve Got Mail when Kathleen Kelly finally has a zinger at the right time:

Fortunately improv is happy and doesn’t involve saying things you later regret. In any case, I think I can safely anticipate more improv shows in our future, and that can only be a good thing.

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