Day’s Verse:
People brought anybody with an ailment, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Jesus healed them, one and all.
Matthew 4:24-ish

Today the Cornerstone Roofing guys come and replace our roof. Also today I leave for my last scheduled Bicycle Alliance training, in Port Angeles. Last night I slept terribly, dreaming about the roof going wrong, waking up anxious, and then thinking it was time to get up to finish packing for the training.

I’m excited to get the roof dealt with, but last week we had an interesting development that hopefully won’t spell trouble for the future.

A little quick back story: When we bought our house, we had to sign a Homeowners Association agreement (CC&Rs) that, among other things, stipulated we had to get approval from the Architectural Committee before making any changes to the exterior of our house. A new roof definitely counts as external changes. So we got the form, filled it out, and mailed it off along with a picture showing a sample of the roofing color we’d chosen. This approval can take up to 30 days, so we did this a while ago.

Early last week I got a phone call from one of the guys on the committee. He said the original roofs in the neighborhood had all been black, and they were concerned that the color we’d chosen (“Weathered Wood,” a dark greyish-brownish) wasn’t dark enough. Could they see a sample? Yes, I could get a sample, but how about if I gave them addresses of a couple houses with that color roofing? Cornerstone Roofing had given me references of homes nearby that they’d done, and that included a couple with the same color we chose. He responded enthusiastically that yes, that would be perfect. He’d email the committee and they’d get back to us next week. Oh…um…about that. Next Wednesday (today) we’re scheduled to put the new roof on. OH, really? Well, he’d make sure to go see those houses that week, and we’d hear back early the next week; and here’s his phone number, in case I needed to reach him. Since then, we’ve heard not a peep.

In this case, I’m trusting that no news is good news, because this is what’s going on in our front yard right now:
Front Yard

And this is the view from our bedroom window:
View from Bedroom

And last but not least, the incredibly cool conveyor belt used to move shingles from the delivery truck up onto the roof.
Conveyor Belt!!
If I was a little boy, this would be the awesomest thing ever, getting our very own construction project, including heavy equipment. As it is, it’s just almost the awesomest.

Anyway, I’m trusting that the Architectural Committee won’t have a heart attack when they see our new roof. Either way, I won’t be here to deal with it until next week! I’ll be in Port Angeles through Friday evening, and on Saturday have an all-day Team Group Health commitment. By Sunday I’m sure I’ll be so exhausted I won’t be able to get out of bed.

Wish me luck!

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