Benji Scenes

Benji can’t see more than 12 inches from his face yet, and all he can really make out are edges and faces, but that doesn’t stop him from looking around. Here are a few things he’s experienced lately.

Mommy feeding him (and getting in some reading, too):


Napping with Grandpa Joe:


Getting a snack from Grammy:


Sleeping with Daddy after an early-morning feeding fraught with tears:


Perhaps the observant among you notice a theme with Benji’s activities. That’s because eating and sleeping comprise 2/3 of his behaviors at this point (the final behavior, “outputting,” we don’t photograph, having our hands full and not needing to share that poopy experience with the world). Occasionally Benji does expand his repertoire to looking around dazedly with one or both eyes, waving arms and legs randomly, making a variety of noises with his mouth, and grabbing things within reach. Continue Reading >>

Two Weeks


Today Benji has been with us for two weeks, although I would swear it’s been two months, or even two years. My time sense is all off from getting up at crazy hours day and night. I have no conception of what day of the week it is or what the date is; Benji doesn’t know or care, and I’m on Benji time.

He has started opening his eyes more after feeding, entering a quiet alert phase that is fun for us. Open eyes make him seem much more human, somehow, like you can see the little person who’s in there peeking out now and again. I look forward to getting to know that little person as he develops. Continue Reading >>

My View from Here

The first 10 days Benji was with us, we set up camp in the library during the day and our bedroom at night. Now, however, we are finally starting to use his room a bit. At night he sleeps on the floor in our room (or downstairs with Daddy if he’s fussy, which he is with increasing frequency as he gets older), but during the day I bring him up to sleep in his crib while I pump.

The more time I spend in his room, the more I like it. It’s cheerful but calm, and gets pleasant afternoon light. Benji likes looking at all the edges. Continue Reading >>



Sometimes Benji doesn’t seem all too certain about us. Then again, I might feel the same way in his situation:


He has started turning towards my voice when someone else holds him, though. Awwww.

Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson

This morning as I was changing the amazing human fountain, I discovered the following tucked under his changing pad.

Day 10: I remain in the clutches of my evil jailers, who – in a sinister touch worthy of a James Bondian villain – insist on calling themselves Mommy and Daddy. Since last week’s forcible abduction, they have had custody of me, apparently in an attempt to break me. I have resisted so well, though, that they called in a torture specialist named Nana overnight, and she and “Mommy” forced me to consume many ounces of the sweet, fatty substance they call (again in a nightmarish parody) “milk” that I’m coming to suspect is addictive. Continue Reading >>

Houdini Hands

Benji loves his hands. I knew that even before he was born, given the amount of time I felt his hand punching while he was in utero. Now his hands are his best friends; particularly when he’s upset, he tries to get his hands as close to his mouth as possible. Lesser swaddling cannot long withstand his Houdini hands.



At this age he also grabs kind of randomly whatever is within reach. Needless to say, this proclivity makes feeding a challenge at times. Sometimes I need a whole nother person to just wrangle his hands while I try to feed him. I sometimes have a hard time believing he only has two hands, given how he gets them everywhere (prioritizing the most inconvenient places first, of course). Continue Reading >>