Little Ben is now in his second day of life, and has started opening his eyes occasionally, squirming more, and giving us good hunger cues so we can try to feed before he’s ravenous. “Try” is the operative term, since he gets frustrated and too upset to feed half the time or more, but he’s healthy so we’re not worried.

We were discharged from the hospital about noon today and are figuring out how to do this deal at home. Both sets of grandparents are super helpful and I am sure we will see lots of them in the near future.

I am loving not being pregnant, even though we’re both exhausted and anticipate only more of the same indefinitely. I can bend over! I don’t have to pee every 30 seconds, with no result! My lungs and stomach can expand normally – deep breaths and full meals!

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more little Ben coverage.

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