Benji loves his hands. I knew that even before he was born, given the amount of time I felt his hand punching while he was in utero. Now his hands are his best friends; particularly when he’s upset, he tries to get his hands as close to his mouth as possible. Lesser swaddling cannot long withstand his Houdini hands.



At this age he also grabs kind of randomly whatever is within reach. Needless to say, this proclivity makes feeding a challenge at times. Sometimes I need a whole nother person to just wrangle his hands while I try to feed him. I sometimes have a hard time believing he only has two hands, given how he gets them everywhere (prioritizing the most inconvenient places first, of course).

He often gets his left hand out first, so we’re wondering if he may be left-handed. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, we continue to plumb the depths of exhaustion and how functional a person can be on how little sleep.

One thought on “Houdini Hands

  1. The evidence from your blog suggests that you still can write coherent sentences with excellent spelling. There must yet be additional depths of exhaustion to be plumbed. May you never need to find out the ultimate answer to your question…

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