This morning as I was changing the amazing human fountain, I discovered the following tucked under his changing pad.

Day 10: I remain in the clutches of my evil jailers, who – in a sinister touch worthy of a James Bondian villain – insist on calling themselves Mommy and Daddy. Since last week’s forcible abduction, they have had custody of me, apparently in an attempt to break me. I have resisted so well, though, that they called in a torture specialist named Nana overnight, and she and “Mommy” forced me to consume many ounces of the sweet, fatty substance they call (again in a nightmarish parody) “milk” that I’m coming to suspect is addictive.

I believe they plan to turn me into a milk addict, and then use that hold over me; but I have resolved to remain firm in my rejection of this substance and thus thwart their nefarious plan. In my old home I never needed milk, and although it makes me feel good (lethargic or alert by turns), I continue to successfully rejected “Mommy’s” repeated, insistent offers of her breast (the source of the liquid). “Daddy’s” finger-feeding has proven impossible to resist thus far, but each session I resist anew, even as I find myself craving more of this “milk.”

After a session of torture, they wrap me tightly in blankets that remind me strongly of the home I was so forcibly abducted from on August 15… And I actually feel content. It seems a betrayal, weakness, as my captors slowly wear me down. I persevere in my resistance, but day by day I feel my resolve weakening.

Here comes “Mommy.” I hide this in the hope that even should I succumb, a record of my (if I may make so bold a claim) valiant struggle will remain a tribute to my effort, and a warning to others.


4 thoughts on “Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson

  1. Poor Benji! You do look like you’ve been through the wringer. In time you may come to love your captors and forget your old life.

  2. We love all the updates! Heather and I just found your posts today and looked through all the pictures and notes. I must say I’m a bit intimidated by a mom who can blog so consistently (and creatively) in the first few weeks. But I’m glad that you are doing so! Thanks 🙂

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