The Magic of Breastfeeding

Before Benji was born, Ian and I went to some baby classes at Evergreen. One was specifically on breastfeeding, as that is something Evergreen puts special emphasis on. In these classes, we learned about the manifold benefits, to both mother and baby, of breastfeeding over formula. I had just kind of assumed we would breastfeed, so this just solidified my decision.

The classes laid out how to hold the baby, positions for the mother, lots about how beneficial it was, how it worked biologically, a bit about getting baby latched (“stroke his lower lip with your nipple until he opens his mouth wide”), and more in that vein. A couple moms attested to how great breastfeeding was. Mostly it sounded really easy and natural: Baby is born, baby instinctively knows how to breastfeed. It’s like magic, and the magic continues as long as you nurse (which should, by the way, be a year at least). Continue Reading >>