Since Benji joined our family, we’ve had some rough days and nights. Today, however, I’d mark as a personal low point: I woke up in the morning with a somewhat tender breast; by afternoon it was red, tender, and hot even with having done hot compresses, and a headache had joined the party; by late afternoon, I had – actually, let’s switch to present tense – have a fever of 100.8, with all the joys that regularly accompany fevers.

I spoke to the doctor’s office in the afternoon and they prescribed hot compresses, but calling back with a fever, I may just get antibiotics without even seeing anyone in person. We now await a return call from the doctor. I also have to find out the fate of all that extra breast milk.

Additionally, I was slated to spend the day alone with Benji, but I had to call Ian to come care for him while I droop around feeling terrible.

I think I just need to go to Australia.

ETA, 7:45 PM, 9/10: Wow, this infection gets bad fast! It was only about three hours from the time I started feeling sick (beyond tender breast) to feeling like I was going to die. The breast isn’t even the mostB2B painful part; that award goes to my head’s excruciating ache, which is indescribable. I spent my evening on the couch curled up crying while Ian got the drugs and Mom watched Benji.

Fortunately thanks to Ian’s persistent calling, the doctor finally prescribed antibiotics, and I took that plus a dose of Tylenol about 45 minutes ago. I’m praying for the powerful, near-miraculous recovery that antibiotics often have.

ETA, 6:10 AM, 9/11: Between Tylenol every 6 hours, high doses of antibiotics, and Ian heroically doing all the baby care overnight so I could sleep through the night with only one 45-minute interruption, I’m feeling better. I can see how pre-drugs people died very quickly of bacterial infections: It seems like one second you’re fine, the next you’re terribly sick. Scary. I am grateful to live in an era when we can readily treat infections…and I hope society as a whole is wise enough not to squander it.

5 thoughts on “Not Our Best Day Ever

  1. hang in there! praying for a quick recovery 🙂 Thankfully you have antibiotics to to speed up the recovery of mastitis. Feel your pain, mastitis is never fun 🙁 !!

  2. Feel better Katie. I am sorry u are having a rough day. The Australia comment made me laugh, so at least u still have a sense of humor?

  3. I’m awake and praying for all of you right now.
    May God heal you quickly and help Benji to have a calm night and Grammy to be a comfort to you in the morning.

  4. I make jokes through everything. The reference to Australia comes from the kids book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day. It seemed to come to mind often…

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