We had a big day planned for today: I was going to do my only organized ride of the season, Cycle the WAVE; Ian was going to the farmers market; and in the evening we’d both go to church.

One of those three happened, neither of which involved me. I did not do the ride, because my body told me in no uncertain terms that, due to an excess of enthusiasm, I had overdone the riding on previous days. Riding today would only have meant longer off the bike healing later. (ARGH!)

Benji spent most of the day vociferously unhappy, but Mom saved us and took care of him while I napped and Ian cleaned out the farmers market.

Sadly, church in the evening came off the docket due to aforementioned fussiness, which also got us up far more frequently than usual overnight last night. Tonight doesn’t look significantly better.

We do have a hypothesis about possible causes, though. Mom noticed Benji is much more diarrheal than before, and most of his unusually wakeful fussiness is accompanied by signs of gastronomic distress. This has just started in the last few days – about the time the antibiotics I’m taking would have hit the milk supply (in addition to normal time to metabolize the drug, we have so much milk he’s drinking a day or two behind what I’m pumping).

Mom thinks, and I agree, that the antibiotics I’m taking for mastitis are messing with Benji’s digestive bacteria, making him uncomfortable and giving him diarrhea. Antibiotics can upset adults’ digestive systems; how much worse for a one-month-old with a barely-established food habit?

This could also explain why he’s simultaneously started wanting to feed almost constantly, but only eating a little bit at each. He’s thirsty and needs the comfort of sucking. Poor little guy. Of course, you can’t tell that from him asleep today:


On a happier note, he’s started visibly tracking objects and (especially) faces, turning his head to follow them. He also seems to be trying to reach for things a little bit, but with such a delayed reaction the desired object is gone by the time he gets his hand in the vicinity. It’s pretty fun and exciting to get to see these developmental changes as he grows.

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