Some random things:

1. Riding up Norway Hill with Dad this evening, we chuckled at the ridiculous Peacock Crossing sign, figuring it was a joke. Then, mere moments later, we saw this:


Perched majestically on the dumpster was an actual peacock. This made my day.

2. We had our one month checkup with the pediatrician. Benji is on target for growth and perfectly healthy. He behaved himself well and refrained from peeing on anything while being weighed.
2.a) He seems to be getting back to normal post-antibiotics, eating and sleeping much better. The doctor confirmed that my taking antibiotics could definitely have that effect on Benji, poor guy.

3. Mom did most of the baby care during the day, so I even got in a short nap before leaving to go for a bike ride with Dad.

4. I’ve done two 30-mile rides with about 2,000 feet of climbing each this week and feel great. Assuming everything goes well, I will do a team ride Saturday – yay! Also I am much, much happier getting out and even on days I don’t ride, knowing I can get out helps tremendously.

Who is that other baby in the mirror?

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