I’ve been reading my Other Katie emails, which have languished since Benji’s birth. One of them was an e-card, and it’s so unlikely that I took screen shots so I could share. It came from one Laurie Levin, and although I don’t know any Laurie Levins, she sent me a card that says Congratulations! on the front:

You click to open it (an annoyingly long process that involves much unnecessary animation):

And then you finally get to the note, which is where it gets really weird:

In case you can’t read it (and I’d be surprised if you could), the note says:

Katie and Eddie,
We are so so so absolutely thrilled and excited to hear your fabulous news about Baby Ferguson! Best family news since your wedding!!!!! AND enjoy your new home!!!!!!!!
Aunt Laurie, Uncle Neil, Lindsey, and Abbe

How weird is that? Some Other Katie is pregnant, at almost the same time we had Benji. Other Katie emails never cease to surprise me.

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