High-Calorie Smoothies

Perhaps you saw this title and thought: Who would want high-calorie anything? Usually we only hear about lowering calories, watching caloric intake and cutting back. A recent issue of Bicycling magazine actually suggested cyclists replace cookies with whole-wheat waffles. PUH-LEEZ! That may be healthier, but I don’t eat cookies for health; I eat them for enjoyment.

Smoothies, however, we usually do eat for health. They’re a great way to get fruits and even some veggies in a tasty, healthy, quick-to-consume snack. They’re versatile and forgiving, and you can toss in almost anything with happy results. For athletes – and, as it turns out, nursing moms – they can also provide an excellent way of consuming the extra calories and/or fats needed to stay healthy (and, in our case, produce enough milk). Continue Reading >>