All Autosuggest, All the Way

I wrote the following post entirely using the swipe feature on my phone, accepting all the autosuggestions. Good luck.

The best on posts is sure to the fact that we’ve had an exceptionally long, hard, and fussy week. Benji has not been slurping ad much lately, but he’s been made up for it by talking up the crying – I’m upgrading it from “fussing” bad on the peeing of time we see his Ibiza – all the extra time he’s not sleeping.

Fortunately, we still love him anyway, for some inexplicably reason. I think is because this morning, while I was changing him, I smiled at him… and he smiled right back at me, a big happy smile. Then he smiled out a judge squirt poo all over the towel we keep under his bottom for just that reason. Continue Reading >>