P.S. – I forgot to mention a couple of other nefarious developments. One, Mommy and Daddy borrowed a guard dog for my cell for a few days.


I refused to alter my behavior, however – that would just let them know they’re getting to me – and the dog went away again.

Two, they have started putting me in a little cell with two strangely compelling figures. I cannot help but stare, not, you understand, from actual interest but because I keep trying to puzzle out how they might contribute to breaking me.


I find the teddy bear figure most fascinating, as it possesses this “face” phenomenon that has recently come to my attention. I have tried speaking to it, with no result yet. (In code, of course, lest I inadvertently reveal something – I wasn’t born yesterday! Probably, now that I think of it, that was part of Mommy’s plan for getting information from me covertly all along.)

One thought on “Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson, Part 5b

  1. I live your stripey suit, Benji! I’m on your side but I have to tell you that I don’t think you’ll ever get back to your old life. I advise you to try to forget and find a new life with Mommy and Daddy. They seem pretty nice to me. ????

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