I cannot believe the amount of life that’s happened in the last 10 days — too much to attempt to catch up on in detail. So I’m going to go with a fortunately/unfortunately summary format.

Fortunately on Sunday, March 10, I did my first bike race, Mason Lake Road Race #2!
Unfortunately, I was dumb and not devious, so I wasted a lot of energy and didn’t do as well as I could have.
Fortunately I still got 9th out of 30 women in my race and I felt quite strong, so I know I can do better.
Unfortunately, a bunch of people passed me during the final sprint.
Fortunately, nobody in my race crashed and we all finished safe, sound, and rather damp (it rained at the start).
Unfortunately, I had to drive the almost two hours there by myself.
Fortunately, one of my teammates needed a ride home so I had carpool company on the way back.
Also fortunately I had an incredibly fun time and finished feeling excited to do more racing. Continue Reading >>