A complete, practically pristine set of the 2003 Encyclopedia Britannica, now residing majestically in our library. I have, for a while, wanted a set of Britannicas(?) because I love books and believe in fact-checked, expert-written references. Great as Wikipedia is, I trust Encyclopedia Britannica. Plus, they look so erudite, it increases the intelligence level of the house just sitting there. Also added, but not pictured: a set of the 2005 Worldbook. I hope we can offer a good home to other such outcast tomes.


Our small camellia is thriving, much to my continued astonishment. When we transplanted it, it had maybe 3 buds. Now it has too many to count. Amazing what a little love (and fertilizer) can do.


Also thriving: the avocado seedling that I sprouted from a pit when Benji was born. Lest you think my reputation as having a black thumb may be crumbling, note that I haven’t shown any pictures of the rest of the yard.


Here’s our latest new “free” toy for Benji. I put quotes around free because be bought a $300 carseat and this came with it. Don’t need a mirror in the car, but on the floor an unbreakable mirror to play with is a big hit!

2 thoughts on “Miscellany”

  1. How much is that baby in the mirror?
    The one with the wispy brown hair?
    How much is that baby in the mirror?
    I sure wish that I were in there!

    (sung to the tune of “Doggy in the Window”)

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