Like Mother


Here is me at 9 months, helping my parents reorganize the pot cabinet.


And here is Benji, at 11 months (just a couple days ago), exploring the same cabinet 29 years later. He’s not standing or walking yet, but demonstrates a textbook Army crawl.

Ah, yes, irony


Can you make out the little sign there past the rear of that pickup truck? Oh, you can’t read it, you say?

Here, let me zoom in.


In case you  still cannot read it, this sign clearly asks people not to park in front of mail boxes. Exactly as the pickup truck did. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt: Maybe the truck left before the mailman comes. Still, we don’t exactly live in an inner city with cutthroat parking competition. Plenty of space on the street.

In other news, a picture of our son, a budding Calvin: Continue Reading >>

Everyone Reads


At least, in this family we do. Granted, sometimes it’s Hop On Pop a zillion times in a row, or the ever-classic Touch & Feel Pets (with the most uncreative writing imaginable). But hey, we’ve got our noses in books. That’s got to don’t for something.

Who Knows….


…what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Bwahahaha.

Just unearthed these cassette tapes from a dark and dusty corner. They represent so many hours of my childhood, listening to books and playing with Legos, happy as a clam. I guess that’s what girls who grow up to be nerds did when they weren’t nose-in-book directly.

I remember Dad used to come into my room and listen to a Shadow tape with me every night. I looked forward to that time, and always wanted the tapes to go a little longer so he’d stay longer. Continue Reading >>