Since August 19, I’ve been subsumed on a whirlwind – if you’ll permit me to egregiously mix phenomena there – of insurance. Background: Laurie, my boss, wanted me to become a licensed life & disability insurance producer for my job with Kaizen Financial Advisors. She has a license, so Kaizen can offer insurance to clients already, but this way I can take care of all the insurance-related business, if necessary. I was willing – knew nothing about insurance, but hey, if it willmake me a more useful employee, why not? Continue Reading >>

Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson: One Year

Yesterday I turned one year old, and this reminds me that some months have elapsed since I’ve had the opportunity to update this log. In times past, I would have felt some concern on account of my responsibility to report in, but now, I confess, that life — the training, the exercises, the very worldview — they all seem hazy, someone else’s dream. My life has moved on. I no longer expect to return to secret organization to report back, because Mommy and Daddy have shown me the truth. Now I have more important things to do. For example: Continue Reading >>

Two Random Things

Thing 1

Ian said our new external hard drive as an ESATA port, which is faster than USB. Here’s how the following conversation went:
Me: What does ESATA stand for?
Ian: External SATA.
Me: What’s SATA stand for?
Ian: Serial ATA.
Me [starting to get a little chagrined]: What’s ATA?
Ian: I’m not sure. [Harnesses the power of the Internet.] AT attachment.
Me: It’s just acronyms all the way down! What’s AT?
Ian: [More Internet harnessing] Advanced technology, from back when IBM made an “AT”-branded computer 1,000 technology years ago. Continue Reading >>

Vacation: Summing Up

So here’s the rest of what happened on vacation: We read books, went for walks and hikes with and without the baby, my parents arrived (much to Benji’s incredibly cute astonishment), Deborah left, Ian and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, and we all drove home. Here are some pictures from all that stuff.

With Grammy (not pictured) at a county park near Seaside, seeking sun. We found it for a little while, but clouds advanced relentlessly and we eventually had to concede defeat.

Gee, the similarity between my mother and the model is striking. Continue Reading >>

Catching Up

All right, there is no catching up to be had. Sorry. I’m just going to start up leaving out whatever’s happened between mid-July and now.

Ian, Benji, and I are in Seaside, Oregon, at the Fergusons’ beach house with Ian’s parents. We arrived on Thursday, August 1 after a surprisingly easy drive with Benji. Not to say he loved the drive, and by the end he was continuously signing “all done,” as if that’d get us to take him out of his seat, but I admit being devoutly grateful he drinks from a bottle so he can eat in the car rather than stopping to nurse every few hours. We made it with one stop to look at the big trucks and crawl around, just south of Olympia. Continue Reading >>