Geeking Out on Bikes

OK, I’m going to take a moment to talk about bikes and biking. I haven’t said much about my riding lately, but that’s not to imply it hasn’t been on my mind. Rather, I deliberately avoid talking bikes too frequently because it’s not a topic of interest to very many people — at least, not many people find it as interesting as I do.

So this is your cue to wander off of bikes bore you.

A few months ago, I noticed the frame of my race bike (dubbed Alexander the Great) had a thin crack in the seat tube. I couldn’t tell if this was just a crack in the paint — they used really thin paint, and it got innumerable dings and cracks in it after I started riding it consistently in March — or, more worrisome, a flaw in the carbon fiber itself. I pointed it out to a bike shop employee, and he said to keep an eye on it. That’s all I did for quite a while. Continue Reading >>