Xtracycle Resurrection

I’ve had my Xtracycle for many years, but have hardly ridden it since we moved back to Washington. Especially since Benji was born, a cargo bike never worked as an efficient mode of transportation, time-wise. It’s hung in the garage, straining the hook and being kind of useless, for the last three years or so.

Now Benji is a little older, though, we have more time to get places, and we’ve used Benji’s trailer quite often to get to school. This reminded me of my Xtracycle and my long-term plan to use it for child transport. It has much larger cargo capacity than my trailer (perhaps equal to trailer plus my panniers), and gets Benji up and away from the road a bit. Plus I’m hoping that handling will go better, since at least I’ll only have two wheels to worry about, rather than four. Continue Reading >>