Peeking at the Park


Benji and a friend from school, Andrew, peeking down at me at St. Edwards.


“THIS IS GREAT!” Actually, he was talking about his wiggly fingers in the water. And asking if I had spare clothes (no – he rode home in the car nekked).


Exploring with Andrew.


Painting the airplane with Liam. This airplane needed an alarming amount of maintenance.

Two Sweet Round Things

I got some new wheels for my pink bike, the first step towards a significant parts upgrades I’m planning. It’s been a long time since I did any upgrades on this bike. I’ve been waiting for good, reasonably-priced road disc wheels for a number of years, and I’m pretty excited about these.


I’m also excited in a whole different way about our first pumpkin pie of the season, made following (mostly) Martha’s recipe for pumpkin from scratch. Deborah and I spent a good part of the morning making these pies, starting with a whole sunshine Kabocha squash and ending with two lovely, delicious-looking pies. Continue Reading >>



Today Benji looked at this card and said, “Foggy.” I asked how he knew that said foggy, and he told me, “It starts with ffff (the f sound) and has guh, guh, eee.”

Absolutely right.

Series 65 Test Aborted, then Failed

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I’ve been telling Benji that my Series 65 studying is work and the class is meetings. Yesterday (October 1) I told him I had one more meeting, my actual test, that morning.

He said, “How many more meetings does Mommy have?”
Me: I hope only one more – today.
Benji: No…I don’t think so. Mommy have lots more meetings.

Later… Turns out that Benji was depressingly prescient. When I showed up at the testing place, I wasn’t on their list. After panicking to the point of hyperventilating and (when I had picked my jaw up off the floor and recovered from speechlessness) stuttering, spending an hour on the phone with the scheduling company, and being a (in my defense, panicky, shocked) jerk to all the testing facility staff, I finally rescheduled my exam for today, October 2. Continue Reading >>