News Fast

A while ago, I was thinking to myself, “What did we do for news before this election?” It feels like the election has been going on so incredibly long, news organizations and news consumers alike have forgotten what else to talk about. Maybe I just tend to get sucked into politics more lately, but my perception is that coverage has skewed to covering the juicy, disgusting rotting carcass that is our current election cycle even more heavily than in normal election years.

I keep hearing about the divisions in our country — between Trump supporters and everyone else, between Republicans, between whites or police and blacks or police, between rich and poor, between country and city, between immigrants and citizens by birth, between Muslim and non-Muslim… It goes on. It’s disheartening. Continue Reading >>

The Best Economic Platform You’ll Never Get to Vote For

Today I listened to a really interesting Planet Money podcast. They convened a panel of six economists across all political spectra, from libertarian to right-leaning to left-leaning, and asked them for what changes they could all agree on. Turns out that the following six economic changes that would, they all say, substantially improve our country and make taxes more equitable for everyone. Too bad they’re so crazy that no serious candidate would touch them with a ten-foot pole.

But, listening to the podcast, I found their arguments really compelling. Here’s the six-plank platform agreed upon by all these different economists. Continue Reading >>

NaNoWriMo 2016? Maybe.

This may be a bit ambitious, but National Novel Writing Month is nearly upon us. I haven’t participated in quite a few years, due to various reasons starting with “B” and rhyming with “wenji,” but I’m considering participating this year.

Anyway, like I said, ambitious — because I’m thinking of setting a goal of writing 1660 words a day through the month of November. I don’t have any story ideas, and I’m not even sure that I’d be writing a cohesive story or even anything related day to day, but I’m a little interested to see if (a) I can do it; and (b) what might come out of that. Do I even still have any new ideas? Continue Reading >>

Bits and Pieces

It’s been almost a month since I posted last. Sorry about that! We’re still alive and kicking, don’t worry. We’ve had a busy month, with getting back into the swing of school and building our new school-year routine. Let’s see, what have we been doing?

Well, for some reason, going to pumpkin patches has become like going to see Santa at Christmas. This year we had the opportunity to go three different places — but we passed on one. The first place was really just our CSA, which grows pumpkins as part of our farm share. That was pretty fun, as Benji discovered the joys of riding in a wheelbarrow for the first time.
CSA Pumpkins Continue Reading >>