The Wisdom of Silence

I was just reading Proverbs 10 this morning. I think it’s a good idea to read Proverbs periodically; as I mature and go through different experiences, the same words say different things to me. This time, as I read Proverbs 10, I got a very clear message: 

Talk less. Listen more.

I’m terrible at listening. I interrupt constantly, I don’t wait to hear what other people have to say, and I tend to think my ideas have the most merit. 

This isn’t the way to wisdom.

In Proverbs, Wisdom is depicted as a woman standing on the street, calling for us to pay attention. I can imagine us in our cars speeding by, intent on our own lives and thoughts, uninterested in this external voice – especially since this voice tells us to seek moderation, patience, selflessness, discipline, and service. She calls us to seek and fight for the objective truth; to run from self-indulgence; and to listen to the wisdom of history. Continue Reading >>