Bike Commuting Lessons

I’ve bike commuted regularly, with greater and lesser frequency, since 2006. Sometimes I’ve commuted on pleasant, lightly trafficked country roads; other times along a busy highway. Sometimes I’ve had a kid in tow; other times I’ve navigated through complex city infrastructure. And, of course, I’ve been a certified biking instructor and taught classes on cycling safely.

In this time, I’ve learned a few things.

Who to Trust

Don’t trust:

  • Teenagers.
  • Old people.
  • Squirrels, rabbits, and other wildlife, including off-leash dogs.
  • Tech bro shuttle buses, especially between South Lake Union (Amazon) and Fremont (Google, Facebook).
  • Priuses in downtown Seattle – 99% are ride-share drivers likely to swerve toward the sidewalk unpredictably. The other 1% are taxi drivers.
  • Pickup trucks with big supplementary smoke stacks, or any pickup truck in rural areas.
  • People riding e-bikes, electric scooters, electric skateboards, or any other battery-powered person people mover.
  • Anyone driving on Dexter.
  • Anyone walking/cycling near the UW.
  • Community Transit double-decker bus drivers.
  • MAMILS focused on getting in a workout or maintaining a certain pace even on crowded multi-use trails.

Do trust:

  • Nobody. Not even yourself, because some time you’ll make a mistake or a bad choice that leaves you in danger.

Gear Choices

Wear what feels comfortable and practical. Don’t worry about what other people think and pay no attention to ads promising clothes that are waterproof. Continue Reading >>