Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Back in September, on my way to the Whistler Gran Fondo, I passed a church with a reader board that said:

Comparison is the thief of joy.

I’ve thought something along those lines for a long time. In that moment, it helped me let go of some of my anxiety about performing well at the event, and instead just focus on enjoying every moment I had there.

But since then I’ve kept thinking about what that sign said. For a long time, I’ve eschewed nearly all social media completely, and kept Facebook at as much of an arm’s length as I can, for that very reason. I know how carefully I curate my own Facebook posts, and I can only assume other people do the same thing. You can’t fell from social media when someone’s having a great week or the worst week of their lives: It’s just pictures of beautiful kids and selves, adorable dogs dogs, artful food, funny/sarcastic/on point memes, and so many targeted ads. It steals my contentment to compare my life with those snippets of success that people share. Continue Reading >>