Thoughts from the Epicenter

I’ve been thinking.

Mostly I’ve thought about coronavirus and politics. It seems like that’s all we hear about on the news lately.

About coronavirus: Not being an epidemiologist or an infectious disease expert, I couldn’t possibly weigh in on whether the virus is “dangerous.” I hear so many non-expert people like myself spouting their “expert” opinions:

  • Coronavirus isn’t even as bad as the flu for most people. Just don’t touch your face and you’ll be fine.
  • WHO says that coronavirus has death rate of 3.4%, way worse than influenza. But wait! They haven’t tested many people in the US; it’s probably way lower because of all those mild or asymptomatic cases.
  • Children don’t get coronavirus or don’t get sick from it — why should schools close?!
  • This will just be like another flu, another virus we add to the list of the “cold and flu” season. Now we’ll just have “cold, flu, and coronavirus season.” Just don’t touch your face.
  • Old people are getting really sick from this and it’s scary.
  • Coronavirus stays alive on surfaces for 9 days and you can get it by touching surfaces and then touching your face. Don’t touch your face!
  • You touch your cell phone a zillion times a day! Clean it off or you’ll just re-contaminate your freshly washed hands.
  • “I’m not worried about getting it, so I’ll just keep going to work/take my trip/go to my conference.”
  • Don’t touch your darn face!

I’m cutting this list off now, but it could actually go on pretty much indefinitely.

Through everything, one thought keeps coming to my mind: How do we best care for one another? Quit worrying about the impact to me, personally, even though it has and will continue to significantly impact my life. Think instead about how my actions can best protect our community. Continue Reading >>