Family Walk Goal: Walk All the Parks!

We are taking our weekend family walks to a new level, thanks to a book Mom gave us called Urban Trails: Eastside. It lists parks within easy driving distance of our house. We’ve agreed as a family to try to hike in every park in the book, one per weekend.

Urban Trails Eastside
Urban Trails: Eastside

To give Benji a boost, we agreed to count park visits from the beginning of 2021, so we already marked a few off:

Urban Trails: Eastside Tracking
Tracking our park visit progress.

Just in the last few weeks we visited Brightwater…

Brightwater Pond
On a hot day, the pond is definitely the biggest draw of Brightwater.

…and Redmond Watershed:

Redmond Watershed Walk
Walking at Redmond Watershed on a warm day a couple weeks ago.

We also visited St. Edward’s State Park, but I have no photographic evidence due to the rainy conditions. Continue Reading >>