Here I am on January 23, 2017, starting my first day working for my company at the Columbia Center:

First day at Work!

And here’s me on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, when I arrived to clean out my desk. Not to leave the company, but because we’re transitioning to permanent full-time remote work.

Columbia Center exit selfie

As I cleaned out my stuff, I took a few pictures of some of my favorite things in the Seattle office. Here they are, in no particular order.

Project tracking from 2020
The whiteboard we used to track our work. Everything is two years out of date.
The Engineering department at my company used to do white elephant gift exchanges. This fine timepiece was one of the gifts, labeled and then left behind by a former employee several years ago.
Kitchen whiteboard on 13
Kitchen whiteboard with notes people have left during their pandemic-era visits to the office. Strange.
Women's restroom
Years ago, for April Fool’s Day, I put googly eyes on all the fruit in the kitchen. As people ate the fruit, they started putting googly eyes other places — on monitors, the coffee maker, and this, my favorite, on the women’s restroom sign.
Googly Eye Fruit
Here’s the googly eye fruit. Still my greatest April Fool’s joke ever.
Columbia Center view to the south
The south-facing view. My gosh. It never gets old. I can’t take that with me.

I’m going to miss all the beauty I got to see on so many trips to and from Seattle.

Commute Home Sunset
Rainy Day Photography Day 7
Self-Portrait at Enatai
Commute Thunderstorm Panorama
Snow Commute Again
First Sunny 520 Commute
Fast Bike, Slow Bus
Tuesday No Snow Day (from the 76th floor) 2
Tuesday No Snow Day (from 76th floor)

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