Rainy Day Picture: Day 10

Saturday, November 9, 2019, 3:50 pm

Rainy Day Photography: Day 10
“I love the shape of this tree!”

Rain and an early sunset could not stop us from having an intrepid St. Edwards State Park hike with Ellen and Lakka. But we did change pants and socks when we got home.

EIAE Update: Stanford Report

Yesterday Dad and I flew to California to meet with Dr. Jason Lee, the nation’s leading expert on EIAE. He estimates he’s done surgery on 60 to 70 athletes with this condition. That’s far more than the scant half-dozen (max) Dr. Shalhub has seen and operated on.

Here’s what I learned about EIAE and my options at Stanford.

TL;DR: Skip to the summary.


CT Scan

First, I had an appointment to do a CT scan a couple hours before seeing Dr. Lee. He has a specific CT protocol to look for what he thinks causes the symptoms (see below!). Continue Reading >>

Foggy Photography

It hasn’t rained in a long while — most atypical for Western Washington in November. But we’ve started getting seasonally appropriate fog, which does add an ethereal look to everything. I didn’t get any pictures of that, but I’m experimenting with trying to get a shot of drops illuminated with my headlight.

I don’t think the phone camera is well suited to that challenge… But I’ll keep trying.

“When I have a bad day, I can do science.”

Thus quoth Benji, who has never tried to titrate by hand.

However, it was really true that despite his having a cold, we went and did science and he seemed happier than most of the previous 48 hours.

Our adventure started in Teresa’s lab, where she used her access to strong acids, hit plates, a fume hood, and a centrifuge to good effect.

Dissolving a copper penny in acid.
6 M acid is too slow, let’s use undiluted acid.
Add a base and get a pretty blue precipitate.
Heat it up to obtain a lovely brown sludge.
Add…I think it was one more acid, but I’m not sure, and you get transparent blue liquid again! Chemistry is magic!
What the heck, let’s centrifuge some of the leftover precipitate.
Don’t break this.
Spinning at 4000 gravities.

As an added bonus, we made rocket fuel using melted potassium perchlorate and a Skittle.

Dang, those Skittles really burn!

After we finished having all that fun, we went and Benji was a test subject at the iLab doing some brain science. Continue Reading >>

Chilly but Beautiful

Dad and I met up for an extended ride home this evening. By “extended,” I actually mean we added 25 miles to a 20-mile commute. Perfect… and my toes even defrosted in the shower. We didn’t set any land speed records, but I find it difficult to keep up a fast pace when it’s pitch dark and the temperature hovers around freezing. We still had a nice time.

We rode south through Bellevue to Factoria, over Northup Way into Issaquah, and then around the south end of Lake Sammamish. A straight shot north took us directly home. Continue Reading >>