Evans Creek Preserve Comes Through Again

The tiny Evans Creek Preserve is coming to be one of Benji’s and my favorite places to go for a walk. Cuddled up against the Sammamish Plateau, it features meadow, woodland, and hillside trails all documented with a phenomenal map system.

It doesn’t present much of a hiking challenge, but does present a perfect compromise for Benji’s love of maps and numbers and my desire for us to get outside. We simply hike from one numbered intersection to the next, and we’re both happy. Continue Reading >>

Rainy Day Picture: Day 7

It’s funny that you can’t see rain in photographs. The photographer has to work hard to catch the actual falling drops in the image. These pictures don’t quite do justice to the wetness; in real life, I can attest that plenty of drops fell.

Monday, October 21, 2019, 4:50 pm

Rainy Day Photography Day 7
Looking south from the end of Stone Way in Fremont.

5:34 pm

Rainy Day Photography Day 7
Looking south towards Seattle from Logboom Park in Lake Forest Park.
Rainy Day Photography Day 7
The picture doesn’t do justice to the scale of these enormous ‘shrooms.

6:01 pm

Rainy Day Photography Day 7
Time to dry everything out so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Rainy Day Picture: Day 5

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:00 am

I went for a bike ride despite steady morning rain. It wasn’t too bad… at first.

Rainy Day Photography: Day 5
My bike’s pink fenders splashed with road dirt at the start of the ride.

11:51 am

Rainy Day Photography: Day 5
Rain speckles the Sammamish Slough on m way home.

My friend John Jester and I met up for most of the ride, and for the first 30 miles we enjoyed a drippy but tolerable ride. But once we turned and started riding east, it became substantially less pleasant — I think we had started riding into the weather more. Thereafter, it proved a long slog that finally ended with my defrosting my frozen, blue toes in a warm bath after hanging every scrap of bike clothes up in front of the fireplace to dry. Continue Reading >>

Rainy Day Picture: Day 4

Friday, October 18, 6:48 pm

Rainy Day Photography: Day 4
Driving past a streetlight with raindrops on the window.

I’m getting my act together and posting my photos in a tidier format. Sorry about the mega-wide photos the last few days. It should clean up from here on out.