1,315 Words of Wisdom


Day’s Verse:

“…Men always ought to pray and not lose heart.”

Luke 18:1


First, I’d like to mention that once again I heard something I needed at First Alliance yesterday: not that it was what I wanted to hear, but God doesn’t just whisper sweet nothings to us – thank goodness. The sermon was on Matthew 5:6, hungering and thirsting for righteousness. The pastor emphasized the importance of a healthy appetite, that it indicated life and health. He said that we have to have tasted righteousness to want more of it, because you can’t want something you’ve never had; most of all, though, he emphasized that when you fill up on other foods, you aren’t so hungry any more. Filling up on other things life offers – books, movies, TV, sex, friends, work, family, drinking, the list goes on – all reduce a person’s appetite for righteousness. When you’re hungry, you know food will satisfy it, but if you’ve eaten a bunch of cookies you won’t feel the need for real sustenance. Similarly, filling up on the world’s joys may seem satisfying but in the end they will leave you unfulfilled. This ties back to the non-food fasting: giving up those things that distract bring us closer to God by allowing the hunger He put into all of us to reassert itself. Once the hunger is reasserted then we will listen to the Father’s offer of true satisfaction with a keen ear and hungry heart. (He also mentioned that he loved “Jigglers.” Is this some East Coast thing I don’t know about, or is he referring to the Jell-O jigglers we ate with our fingers as kids?) Continue Reading >>

Things I Don’t Know


Day’s Verse:

“After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions.”

Luke 2:46

“Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.”

Habakkuk 3:18


Does the Coriolis Effect make toilets flush the other way in the Southern Hemisphere?

Do dogs see in color?

Why do people see in the spectrum we do?

How do Instant Messages actually work?

Why is it that people feel lonely so often but are so independent?

Would schooling be easier if we watched less TV?

Who could dislike playing Monopoly, and why?

How does writing an essay show that I know anything?

If students hate doing work and professors hate grading work, why do we have work?

How can anybody dislike techno?

Why do people dislike speculations?

How many moles of snow fall in one year?

Who invented calculus, and why?

How do airplanes’ wings bend so much and not break?

Why don’t we all switch to the metric system?

How much is teleportation worth?

Do Democrats deserve to win the 2004 election?

What percentage of people who will “never date” end up dating/marrying?

Who wouldn’t want a Giantmicrobe?

Why do people get annoyed when I answer their rhetorical questions?

How much would you pay to own Data?

Should TV be banned or limited during certain hours?

Why do we have such a bad job market right now?

What makes socks smell bad?

What is TCP/IP?

How can people not care that the world may be destroyed for our grandchildren?

Why is MassPirg so annoying in their recruiting?

Why do songs get stuck in your head?

What makes a song a good one?

Will there ever be one world government?

Why don’t people have fur?

Who invented cell phones?

Why do we use the calendar we do?

How does friendship work?

What makes people argue so passionately about things that don’t matter so much?

Why do people have different personalities?

Why do whites dominate the world economically?

How can our bodies work so well when they’re inexpressibly complicated?

What makes the sun rise every morning in the east?

Is abortion always wrong?

Can we make categorical statements and be correct?

What makes a woman beautiful?

Why does God love us so much?

Who likes otterpops?

Why do men statistically prefer brown haired women?

Why do men grow up slower than women?

How do radio waves travel through walls?

Is the earth cooling down or warming up?

Can we ever really know anything?

What hearing damage do you get from listening to really, really loud music?

How does a network work?

How do you knit a scarf?

Why do we treat people unfairly?

Why are there so many colleges in Worcester?

What makes two people fall in love?

Is being gay genetic or a choice? If it’s a choice, is it conscious?

Who invented if-then statements?

Why do we have to be “in shape”, and what shape is that?

How many muscles are there in your hand?

What do people think about me and Ian being married now?

Why do days take longer when you want something to happen?

Where does time go?

Is time linear?

Is there life on Mars?

What was life like twenty five years ago? Fifty years ago?

How many people consider me their friend?

What’s the fastest a person walked across the USA?

Why do we idolize actors and actresses when theirs are the worst lives possible?

Why did somebody give us The Complete Kama Sutra for our wedding anonymously? More importantly, who gave it to us?

Who invented the piano? Did they also invent playing it?

Are people inherently evil?

Why do I have so many ways people can contact me when so few people want to?

What are you supposed to do with a bunch of melted chocolate?

Why do people start smoking?

Does a butterfly’s wing-flap really effect the whole universe?

Did President Taft really get stuck in a bathtub?

Is President Bush lying to us about WMD’s?

Who decided the width of rail road tracks?

Why do we drive on the right side of the road?

Why do we have “right” and “left” hands, not “right” and “wrong” hands?

How far can a sound wave travel?

Can feelings be quantified?

What’s the farthest a person has ever jumped from a stand-still?

What is the slowest-moving (but moving!) animal?

How do I react to this: “Well, I’d live with you if I was desperate, but it’d be weird… I mean you guys are married. I just would feel too strange, because you’re married. You know.”?

87. Should I stop now? There are so many more things to ask (expect updates as I think of them) Continue Reading >>

The Torment of Separation


Day’s Verse:

“I opened to my beloved, but my beloved had turned away and gone! My heart went out to him as he spoke. I searched for him but I did not find him; I called him but he did not answer me. …I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, as to what you will tell him: for I am lovesick.”

Song of Songs 5:6,8


I always wanted to spend my first married Valentine’s Day doing homework by myself.

– KF –


21 days

This Moment In Time Forever


Day’s Verse:

“From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the LORD is to be praised. The LORD is high above all nations; His glory is above the heavens.”

Ps. 113:3-4


I walked into Tilton, unsuspecting. Opening the door, a piano’s voice instantly wrapped me in its joyful, laughing melody as the sun’s rays flowed through the wall of windows to cast a twisted grid on the hardwood floor. In the light floated, serenely, a red balloon. Sedately it rose, taking its time, the shadow and light changing it from maroon to red alternately. Behind it, through the window, blue sky and white clouds shone; the floor glowed; and through it all the piano player danced his fingers skilfully across the keys. With the balloon, the music rose, and as it sank the notes did too. Child’s tunes interwove with Bach to bounce about the echoing hall, cutting through the sunlight and sinking into Coleridge’s words standing before my eyes. The words, the balloon, the sun, and the music for a time froze life’s troubles. It was God in life, beautiful beyond my sorry words can explain. Wonderful. Glorious. Glowing. Irreplaceable. Joyful. Continue Reading >>

Ps. 113:3-4

I was struck by how beautiful the sky looked as I left the apartment this morning; then I realized it was simply overcast, but bright, ever so bright. Not to hurt your eyes, just to leave you feeling that it was a wonderful day to live. I brought my camera along, but I don’t think it’s Worcester that is changing so I could capture it on “film.” God is opening my eyes, teaching me again to be joyfully alive.

Although I’ll spend most of my Clark day alone, that’s OK. I’m happy to be here, alive, intelligent, and able to learn. And puzzled about where the loads of avian guano on the paths come from since there are never any avians in evidence. Continue Reading >>