I don’t think I’m going to be getting anybody else responding to my survey, so I figured I would post again. If you haven’t filled it out, PLEEEASE do so – it’s in the post right below this one. When I get around to graphing and analyzing the results I may post them here if there’s any interest. Is there?

The last couple days haven’t been so bad. I saw Kristin and she drove me home (what a sweetie!); Jos and I got together quite deliberately and ate lunch. It’s good to see them again. I start missing my friends so much here, and I’m on the same campus they are… How can I see the same people over and over again, and never see them? There are only 1,500 students here total! It can’t be possible! But it is, and I’m learning to cope alright. This year is just helping to develop my more introverted side, and I’m enjoying spending time alone now. Continue Reading >>

Answer me!

I have a hypothesis I would like to test, and I need all your help. It’s really simple: just post a comment answering the questions I ask here.

1. Did you teach yourself to type fast and accurately? (Ie, learned to type before you got into a school sysytem)

2. Did somebody else teach you to type? (Ie, learned to type after you got into school)

3. How much time do you spend on your computer daily?

0 – 2 hrs; 3 – 5 hrs; 6 – 8 hrs; 9 – 11 hrs; more than 11 hours

4. Would you describe yourself as computer-y?

5. If you are in college or have graduated, what was your major?

6. How old are you? Continue Reading >>


Ian is at Game. I can’t stand Game. This is an old and ongoing problem about which I feel mostly calm but somewhat resentful still. *Pain* It’s completely illogical but I can’t stand the thought… So I’m trying to do my math and feel calm. Not angry, not resentful, not hurt – calm because I love Ian even when he’s gone doing Game, and I will show him that when he gets home at midnight (not like that!!).

I wrote these down a couple days ago. Here they are, just some thoughts to roll around in your head: Continue Reading >>

Strange Dream

I never have dreams at night, not that I can remember. But last night I had one, and it was terrible – possibly caused by some of the stress of the week, or perhaps just straight from my somewhat crazy subconscious. This is what I dreamed.

Ian and I were in our apartment; the place looked completely normal, exactly as it always is. Some of Ian’s friends came by so he went out with them. As they left I heard a strange clicking noise which I could not identify. Intrigued, I went out to investigate and found Ian with his friends sitting outside on some benches smoking. Naturally I was horrified and demanded that Ian stop smoking (I’d never known he smoked in the first place): he refused, quite vehemently. Eventually he did stub out that cigarette at my repeated exhortations, but that only got us into a terrible fight, the worst we’d ever had. We went back inside, shouting and yelling furiously at each other, I hurt and demanding he never smoke again, he angrily replying that it was only one a day and he’d been doing it for years. Of course this hurt me more because I had no idea, and neither did anybody else in his family. Continue Reading >>

Now it begins.

This morning I spewed oatmeal all over the inside of the microwave. I boiled it in there, and it boiled over but I didn’t realize it… Too bad I’m so short I can’t see in the microwave. Anyway I tried to clean it out as best I could, but I think I just ended up making more of a mess. Lovely image, oatmeal splattered all over the inside of our $15 microwave and me trying to reach up above the top of the fridge to clean it out; oatmeal splattering onto the top of the fridge – lots of oatmeal, I didn’t expect that much – and I hurry because I have to catch my shuttle. I should have known that with a start like that my day could only go downhill. And it did. Continue Reading >>


Here’s a thought: Would you rather die tomorrow, happy, or live to a ripe old age and die unhappy? (Everything else being equal.)

– KF –

Not a Great Plan

Ryan has just sent me his web page, and out of deference to him I will attempt to aid in his search by putting its link here. If you feel you match all his criteria, drop him a line – and best of luck! 😉

My Marine Bio class is turning into what would commonly be thought of as “A lot of work.” I am not a fan of her plan involving assigning us a heavy-duty scientific paper to write and making it due exactly 7 days later. Also I fear I have put off my Geology paper until the last minute, so both papers must be written in a chruch. Foolish of me; a month felt like such a long time, but it has flown by rapidly and now it’s October 2nd. That means I have 12 days to write Geology and, as mentioned above, exactly one week to complete my Marine Biology. I’m not looking forward to analyzing our “data” (ie, 10% Fucus coverage in quadrat 15…) or trying to graph it. Something about a kite graph…? Continue Reading >>