Candy-themed frozen yogurt

After school on Thursday, I took Benji clothes and shoe shopping. To overcome his initial resistance, I pretty unashamedly bribed him with the promise of frozen yogurt if he cooperated. One very cooperative shopping trip later, we found ourselves at the Menchie’s in Bothell surveying the available flavors.

I’m going to try to report Benji’s frozen yogurt mix without any obvious bias. He selected toasted marshmallow and cookies & cream frozen yogurt plus a dab of Swedish fish sorbet, topped with gummy worms and Sour Patch Kids. Continue Reading >>

Not everything is forever

Let’s cut to the chase: I’m divorcing Ian.

For this post, in the interest of balance and because this topic so deeply impacts both of us, Ian and are each going to share our perspectives.


Now for some context, without getting into unnecessary detail. Despite uncountable hours of marriage and individual therapy, we got to a point where I couldn’t envision living the rest of my life in our marriage. It took me a long time to accept that I needed to take this step, and I’m not doing it because I hate Ian — I don’t. Continue Reading >>

Ohanapecosh Camping 2021

If I had to subtitle this blog post, I’d probably say: “Astonishingly timely.” Because in real life a pile of poop just hit a fan, and having two nights away with no cell phone reception to process everything was just what the doctor would’ve ordered.

But hey, instead of getting into all that, let’s go all social media-style and I’ll show you a bunch of smiling, happy pictures from our two-night stay at Ohanapecosh on Mt. Rainier.

In addition to me and Benji, my sister Colleen and her husband Jordan flew up from LA for this trip, and Dad joined us. We arrived on Tuesday midday and spent Tuesday and Wednesday night, leaving on Thursday morning. Continue Reading >>

Processing… please stand by.

I think I mentioned Benji’s neuro testing previously. On Thursday we finally got the results: ADHD, with a side of something I forget that distilled to “totally clueless about social cues.” (I assume the written report, which we’re still waiting for, will have those details.)

It’s been such a long road already, and it feels like we’re just starting the journey. There’s so much to learn about how kids’ brains work when they have ADHD and how we adapt our parenting now we know this is Benji’s deal. It doesn’t change who he is; it’s just another piece in the puzzle of understanding him. Continue Reading >>

Hammock time

Before they left for Seaside, Benji and I talked about putting up a hammock in his room. He really likes the hammock area at the physical/occupational therapy clinic, and I thought putting one up in his room might give him a way to calm down and settle a bit better.

I ordered the hammock before they left, and it arrived fairly quickly. Hanging a hammock is pretty easy; you just have to make sure you go into a stud, and use a sturdy enough hook.

Hammock 1

I sent Ian and Benji a picture of the finished hammock, and Benji loved it. He told me to allow only three snuggles in at one time. Continue Reading >>

Super-Low Tide Beach Adventure

Today I took the day off work to get my hair cut (taking immediate advantage of full vaccination!), but really spent most of the day with Benji and Mom enjoying an almost -3 foot low tide at a private-access beach. Mom has connections. Anyway, after my hair cut, we drove down to Burien, where we’d access the beach.

We had some extra time, so we planned to eat lunch there first. The restaurant Mom had in mind was closed, so we picked a random place that was open.

Low Tide Beach Lunch Out
My first meal at a restaurant, albeit outside, in over a year.

The less said about that meal, the better. Suffice it to say that we waited nearly an hour and found the food more than a little disappointing. Still, it was my first meal “in” a restaurant since the pandemic started, so that’s another vaccination milestone. Continue Reading >>

Family Park Walk: O.O. Denny Park

Today I accidentally caused us to miss church. To be fair, I didn’t mean to — I forgot it started at 9:30 instead of 10:00. Goodness knows how I forgot this, but there it is. Too many schedules in my brain, perhaps.

But the good news is that we missed church for a great family activity: our weekend park walk. This week we stayed close to home, visiting O.O. Denny Park, conveniently only a short drive from our house.

On the way, I learned that O.O. stands for Orion Orvil, a truly amazing name for one of the white dudes who founded Seattle. This property belonged to O.O. Denny as a “country retreat,” and his widow donated it to the City of Seattle after his death. It officially remains a City of Seattle park, although jointly managed with the county, since it’s across the lake from the actual city. Continue Reading >>