Peek-a-boo Hair Color

Last month I went and got my hair cut. To have some fun with it, I also got a strip of it colored: green/blue/purple fade. My sister called it mermaid chic. This Friday I got the color refreshed, a little less green and a little more blue and indigo. Next month I think we move to all blue on the top half, all purple on the bottom, with a long fade between the two.

Peek-a-boo hair color

Call it benefits of the pandemic. I’m not sure how my work would feel about this exotic hair activity, but at the moment it doesn’t matter one bit. I feel happy every time I deal with my hair and I’m just going to keep having fun with this. Continue Reading >>

Finally! Voting 2020

After four long years of incompetence, illegality, and immorality, capped off with nine months (so far) of complete leadership function, we finally get to have our say in who runs our country. Although I’m a very diligent voter and have rarely missed a vote, I have never looked forward more to exercising my civic duty.

We received our ballots on Thursday, and I immediately started filling it out.

2020 Voting - At Last!
Finally here!

I know a blizzard of misinformation and lies about mail-in voting has obfuscated the truth: that mail-in voting is not only safe and reliable, but makes voting more accessible to all citizens. Continue Reading >>

Work From Home Adaptation: Availability Indicators

While we’re all at home, we each retreat to our own rooms during working or school hours. (Quick aside: Boy am I thankful that we bought a four-bedroom house, giving me and Ian each our own private offices.) Of course we close the door when we need to be left alone. But it’s hard to tell what the closed door means. Is the person in a meeting that can’t be interrupted? Does he just need to focus, but a quick question would be okay? Benji in particular has a hard time not coming in talking, and I’ve had at least a few times of slightly embarrassing un-muted incidents where colleagues have been treated to family conversations. Continue Reading >>

Self Care

Normally I escape to the my bike when I need time by myself. But with the smoke followed closely by rain, the bike has meant an escape to… the garage. Ho hum.

Rouvy data looks to RideWithGPS like I really rode in Boulder, or Switzerland, or New South Wales… but I know that I never left the garage.

So to do something fun and totally different, and to deal with the split ends that have become an increasingly acute problem, I scheduled some time in the hair salon. Not my normal escape, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Continue Reading >>

Trapped Like a Duck in a Closet

I’ve been sitting here trying to think how to describe the feeling of last two weeks. The straw that broke the camel’s back accurately describes the sense of having this piled on top of so many other burdens that we’re crushed, but it utterly fails to capture the added sense of being trapped inside as the last dry, sunny days of summer slip away in a toxic haze of smoke.

When I have nightmares, they usually involve being trapped somewhere. I’m in a cage or a box or tightly restrained. I usually wake up trying to escape. Continue Reading >>

Unbreathable Air: Just More 2020

2020 is the year of “what’s next?” Remember back in January, the big news was President Trump skating easily though an impeachment trial thanks to the spineless jellyfish known as Senate Republicans. In the several thousand years (in pandemic time) since then, we’ve had nearly nine months of coronavirus-mandated stay at home orders and nearly 200,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 thanks to, surprise!, criminal negligence (at best) from the top leaders in our country. Protests have erupted over social injustice and continuing racism, and now people are killing each other over it — violence encouraged and fomented by, again, the top leadership in the country. People have lost their jobs thanks to the shutdown, the government has failed to pass meaningful legislation to help those most desperately in need, and somehow wearing masks to protect people from our germs became a political act. At home, school started… and it’s exactly like the rest of the year, just another Zoom call. Continue Reading >>

Camping at Ohanapecosh

I mentioned a bit ago that Dad and I were taking Benji backpacking. Long story short, it didn’t happen. The first week we planned to go, the forecast deteriorated rapidly and when the day came, it poured rain, with even more rain in the mountains where we’d planned to go. We postponed a week, to August 27 and 28. We obtained backpacks and got even more ready to go.

Then, several days before we were to leave, I started having the kind of gastrointestinal distress that you really don’t want to have on a hiking trip. Let’s just say I never wanted to venture far from a restroom, and I didn’t fancy using the bushes for that business. I hoped it would pass quickly (so to speak), but no such luck. Continue Reading >>