What’s missing

Not to state the obvious, but I haven’t set up a new household for a long time. I’d forgotten all the small things that I, at least, use on a fairly regular basis — but I’m finding them out!

Yesterday I went on an epic grocery shopping trip to stock my pantry and fridge. I tried to think of everything I could possibly need, and when I checked out, I wheeled away an overflowing grocery cart. It contained such various items as nutmeg, tortillas, frozen peas, maple syrup, pears, baking soda, and cereal. But not five minutes from the store, I realized I had forgotten milk. Start a list: milk. Continue Reading >>

I have an apartment

Starting on September 23, I now know where I’ll live for at least the next 11 months: in an apartment complex called the Woodin Creek Village in downtown Woodinville.

I’ve always wanted to live in a small city downtown, so I’m actually pretty excited about this opportunity. It’s fairly easy walking distance to a couple parks, the grocery store, lots of restaurants, stores, and a movie theater, and the Woodinville P&R, where my commuter bus originates. (I had to think about the possibility of some day going back in the office, although that won’t happen until at least January. And let’s be honest; what’re the odds that the pandemic will be better in January? Seriously?) Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget — really close to the bike path. Continue Reading >>

I didn’t burn anything down…

…This time.

But it wasn’t for lack of trying!

Today while I was heating oil in our frying pan for my signature seared salmon recipe (if I may take a moment to boast, I make a mean seared salmon), I flicked some water into the pan to see how hot it was — and a tower of flames leaped up. It roared merrily for about 5 seconds while I frantically looked for the lid, which I’d left in a location blocked by the flames. Finally I got smart and turned off the burner, the flames died down, and I finished making dinner. No problem! Nothing to see here! Everything’s fine! Continue Reading >>

I have opinions about grass lawns, apparently

True confession: We aren’t the most diligent homeowners. Nobody in this household particularly enjoys those little around-the-house projects that accrue when you own your own home. I think the one I like the least is probably mowing.

Mostly this is because I don’t even want grass. If I had my dream yard, it would be a patch of clover surrounded by evergreen trees and native undergrowth. Grass is so demanding:

Grass: “Water me or I’ll die and turn brown and ugly!”

Me: “Fine, here’s some water.” Continue Reading >>

Imaginary Letter to My Employer

Dear Employer,

Thank you for continuing to employ me during the pandemic. I sure do appreciate having a job and being able to pay my bills.

I recently decided to redecorate my home office due to the fact that I’m going slightly batty having spent the last year staring at the same walls.

Now that I’ve completed this redecoration, I’m sorry to inform you that I will not be able to return to the office even after the pandemic restrictions end. My home office is just too stylish, comfortable, and productive. Compared with the cramped, noisy, distracting, uncomfortable, and ugly corporate surroundings in the open floor plan office you insist on cramming us into, my home office is a little slice of paradise. (See attached photographic evidence.) Continue Reading >>

Bike Taxidermy

Back in 2010, I made these wings to decorate helmet for some of the events I did for the Bicycle Alliance of Washington (now called WA Bikes, I believe). Turns out that the wings actually didn’t work well on the helmet — besides being heavy, they acted kind of like a rudder, which you don’t really need when riding. I took them off, but kept them.

Modeling Hermes/Mercury Wings

At the same time, perhaps you recall that I had a pink fork custom-built for my bike. There was a bit of a saga around it, but in the end, I swapped that fork out for a lighter, more comfortable carbon fiber version. But again, I kept the pink fork, because it was beautiful and unique. Continue Reading >>

Pandemic in Pictures: Still at Home

Working from Home
Working from home.

I don’t want to minimize the challenges of staying home — those remain. But, looking on the bright side, I’ve been able to take advantage of the occasional nice weather by working outside a bit. It lets me keep Benji company while getting a little bit of work done.

Laundry Line
Taking advantage of sunny weather.

I also took advantage of the sunny, breezy weather and being home all day to hang our sheets out to dry in the back yard. I love the sunshiny smell and feel of sheets hung to dry.