Rain Garden, Winter 2016

I haven’t mentioned our rain garden in a while. It’s still growing, and working well at keeping water out of the rest of our yard. This year I didn’t do much new outside, and that includes in the rain garden.

That said, this year I did plant an apple tree in the dry, sunny back corner. Everything I’ve read talks about how sensitive apple trees are, and how they need special soil and all this tender loving care… None of which my tree will get. However, it’s grown from a seed to more than 24″ tall under my not-so-tender loving care, so hopefully more of the same won’t kill it. Continue Reading...

More Thanksgiving Break Playing

Started decorating for Christmas, and do happy to have a mantle for the first time ever!
Tossing rocks into the creek with Jolie and Miss Patty

We spent most of yesterday at my parents house, giving Ian time at home alone, and after nap took a stroll outside. It was still quite chilly. By pure delightful coincidence, we encountered a little girl and her grandma that Mom knows in the neighborhood, and they invited us to join them on their walk to a nearby creek. Benji had been whining and having a difficult day, but meeting his friend and playing at the creek totally reset our mood. We had a very nice time.

Also, on the way to the creek, Benji and I went by a house with a long driveway that had a newspaper at the end of the driveway. Benji said he wanted to deliver the paper to the door, and I said sure. As he did, the lady came out and was effusive in the thanks and praise. She introduced herself and we chatted for a bit. I think it made her day much happier. Continue Reading...

Peeking at the Park


Benji and a friend from school, Andrew, peeking down at me at St. Edwards.


“THIS IS GREAT!” Actually, he was talking about his wiggly fingers in the water. And asking if I had spare clothes (no – he rode home in the car nekked).


Exploring with Andrew.


Painting the airplane with Liam. This airplane needed an alarming amount of maintenance.

Achievement Unlocked

Today at the park, a nice guy chatting with us asked Benji’s name. Benji said, “Benji — B, e, n, j, i.” It took me a moment to realize that Benji had spelled his own name! Then I was just really surprised. I guess all those times of spelling his name to him are paying off.


He also asked, “Who drive this car?” today when we were all going somewhere together. This is cool because “who” is another of those question words that kids this age are supposed to be picking up. He’s good on “why”, as he demonstrates about 10,000 times per day, and uses “what” perfectly fine. Continue Reading...

What I Want to Know

… Why does Benji play by himself the best when he’s pooping?

… Why are some foods delicious one day and unspeakable the next?

Benji now says “One more very last (item; i.e., story)” and if you say yes, he immediately says, “Two more.” Then if you say yes to that, he says, “Six more.” Why must we negotiate every single thing? -I think I actually know the answer to that: Because he’s two, almost three, and that’s what kids that age do. Continue Reading...